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About Sport Psychology

Sports psychological support deals with both the psychological factors that influence athletic performance and the immediate environment, such as the coaches and parents, who have an influence on the athletes' performance.

In Individual or Group Consultations, in Workshops or Talks – together we develop unique solutions for your specific needs.

The learned methods can also be effectively applied outside of competitive sports. Whether at work, during studies or in your personal life. With the help of sport psychology training, Mental Approaches are developed, which are then applied in critical situations.

This makes our field accessible to everyone interested, since sport psychological methods and strategies are no longer limited to the world of sport.

Spiros Chrysidis

About Me

My passion for sport is my daily motivation.

Open, honest and trusting, I work as an expert in sport psychological matters with athletes, trainers and parents in competitive sports. In doing so, I support them on their way to further develop their mental competencies and to remain efficient in challenging situations. 

Accordingly, the various mental strategies used in the coaching process are always based on the latest scientific findings in order to ensure a high standard.

Hard Facts
  • Sport Psychological Training/Coaching in Elite Sport, Center of Mental Excellence, Austria
  • Master of Science in Sport & Exercise Psychology, Staffordshire University, UK
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany
  • Member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sportpsychologie in Deutschland e.V (asp)
  • Member of the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP)
Sportpsychologie Spiros Chrysidis


Create the mental climate that enables you to perform at your best!
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